Today’s Treasures At St Katharine Docks

We are fortunate today, to have a wealth of historical treasures here at St Katharine’s. I will describe the main ones in this and further blogs. Little remains here from the earlier, historic period (1028 to 1825) because the original land was all removed to make way for the world renowned Telford Docks. Thankfully, many

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Poppies, Pomp And People

Recently published, this colourful, detailed account follows a year at the Tower of London, explaining how the 150 residents and others facilitate the unique experience for visitors, while guarding and maintaining our priceless heritage, without costing the taxpayer a penny. The Tower of London has fascinated people for many centuries, but how much do we

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The Story of St Katharine’s

This important, unique book tells the story of St Katharine’s in central London, from the ancient hospital and church founded by Queen Matilda in 1148, to today’s splendid Yacht Marina that we cherish today, in the shadow of Tower Bridge. Our story dates back to the 12th century when St. Katharine’s Hospital and Church was

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