Back Home And At My Wonderful St Katharine’s, After All This Time In Hospitals

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My Room At St Thomas’s Hospital, Overlooking The Palace Of Westminster

It’s all been such a long time, but thanks to St Thomas’s and the Royal London, I am finally home and have been for a few days. Now I’m in the hands of physiotherapists, GP’s, other experts and lots more good food, and I’m assured I’ll be a new man again within a few months.

St Thomas’s have been brilliant, and my main stay was in the Florence Nightingale Ward, overlooking the old St Thomas’s, which Miss Nightingale helped to design. Then it was home, but unfortunately back to The Royal London Hospital with the blue lights flashing; they were also excellent.

Thank you so much to wonderful surgeons, doctors, nurses, visitors and now friends seeing me at home. I hope to be up and running (o.k. walking) quite soon.

Christopher West
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Poppies, Pomp & People The Story Of St Katharine's
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