Why Is Lola Wesson A Star At 11 Years Old?

Natasha, Lola and Mum Taking A Selfie At London Zoo.

Because she is doing a 15 mile charity run to raise money to thank Great Ormond Street Hospital for saving her little sister’s life when she was only seven weeks old.

Lola and Sister Natasha In Front Of Their Lovely Poppies Picture

Now six years older, healthy Natasha has just had a nasty accident in their local park, cutting her head badly. While Mum Camilla drove quickly to the nearby Oxford Hospital, Lola looked after her sister in the back of the car, helping her to keep calm and comforting her. The hospital stitched up the wound and Natasha has recovered ok- it was following this second bit of bad luck that Lola had the idea. She has already seen more than £300 being gifted in just two days.

Natasha In Fun Picture At London Zoo

Do contribute if you would like to- Great Ormond Street Hospital is heavily reliant on charity donations to maintain its huge research programme and your payment will make you feel good, and deeply encourage Lola in this all generous effort because of her love for her little sister. The link is here.

By the way, you may know that Charles Dickens was a great benefactor to Great Ormond Street Hospital- he loved children and was deeply concerned for their welfare. He would have been very proud of young Lola.

Dickens Day For Great Ormond Street Hospital



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