Poppies, Pomp And People

Recently published, this colourful, detailed account follows a year at the Tower of London, explaining how the 150 residents and others facilitate the unique experience for visitors, while guarding and maintaining our priceless heritage, without costing the taxpayer a penny.

The Tower of London has fascinated people for many centuries, but how much do we know about what happens there today? By tracing its comings and goings over a year, Poppies, Pomp & People gives a unique insight into the modern Tower- the ceremonies, the celebrations, the experience of living in this historic landmark, and all the people –visitors and staff – who make it work.

Lord Dannatt, Constable, pointed out in the book’s foreword, ‘Chris West has captured the story in a delightful way… I congratulate him for his achievement and commend this book to all who want to get a real feel for life inside the Tower of London today.

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