My Luxurious Swimming Pool, Sauna And Jacuzzi

christopher-west-charles-dickens-the-story-of-st-katharine-docks-poppy-poppies-pomp-and-people-a-year-in-life-tower-london 057
My Luxurious Swimming Pool, Sauna and Jacuzzi.

Ok, so it’s not exclusively mine, but I do love being able to use it most days. It’s at the nearby Grange City 5* Hotel and the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna are equally marvellous to use- just switch off for an hour or two, while keeping fit. Actually it is surprisingly cheap to be a member and a generous discount applies if you live locally. The staff are very friendly and efficient, and every effort is made to ensure an enjoyable visit.

Regular pool exercise helps me enormously health-wise and I’ve met a variety of interesting people there. My passion for local history can be indulged at the same time, because directly behind the Grange is part of the ancient London Wall, as pictured below. Building next to the Roman Wall may have been a nightmare for planners and architects, but excellent from a preservation point of view. I do appreciate being so fortunate, it’s another great place to have just up the road from me at St Katharine Docks.

christopher-west-charles-dickens-the-story-of-st-katharine-docks-poppy-poppies-pomp-and-people-a-year-in-life-tower-london 059
Swimming Pool, With Classical Decor
christopher-west-charles-dickens-the-story-of-st-katharine-docks-poppy-poppies-pomp-and-people-a-year-in-life-tower-london 058
Friendly, Helpful Staff And Plenty Of Towels.
christopher-west-charles-dickens-the-story-of-st-katharine-docks-poppy-poppies-pomp-and-people-a-year-in-life-tower-london 061
Fruit And Water On Tap In Rest Area.
christopher-west-charles-dickens-the-story-of-st-katharine-docks-poppy-poppies-pomp-and-people-a-year-in-life-tower-london 060
Side Entrance To Grange Hotel And Roman Wall. Both Well Worth A Visit.




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