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The Barcelos Rooster

Lots of people have asked me about my collection of cockerels, mentioned in a previous blog. This famous, vividly coloured cockerel, is the unofficial symbol of Portugal and varieties can be bought at souvenir shops everywhere in Portugal. It originated from Barcelos, the town in North Portugal, where the souvenirs are manufactured. Its proper name

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christopher-west-charles-dickens-the-story-of-st-katharine-docks-poppy-poppies-pomp-and-people-a-year-in-life-tower-london 055

SirThomas More Square Is Now Moretown

This important office complex is situated next to St Katharine Docks, on the site of part of the old London Docks. The owners decided to rebrand the estate and to create a new image, so have renamed it Moretown, and are investing substantially to improve and modernise the facilities. While achieving all this change, they

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Today’s Treasures At St Katharine Docks

We are fortunate today, to have a wealth of historical treasures here at St Katharine’s. I will describe the main ones in this and further blogs. Little remains here from the earlier, historic period (1028 to 1825) because the original land was all removed to make way for the world renowned Telford Docks. Thankfully, many

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